A poem: Substance

I like expensive things, 

Not in value but in depth, 

Talk is always cheap, 

I like more, much more: 

I like actions of the heart, 

Conversations that are real, 

Gestures that are warm, 

Loving that is soulful, 

Touches that are full, 

Kisses that are deep,

Emotions that are strong…

They are expensive, 

They cost a lot to be, 

It’s their worth that matters, 

One cannot fake it, 

Play it or lie it, 

One has to dig deep, 

Into the spaces of the self, 

Crack open the space, 

And let it all shine out. 

They cost a lot, 

For those who do not 

Do it for themselves, 

But they are the only, 

Truth worth having, 

The only luxury worth 

Loving and longing for,

As clear and as a rare, 

As a diamond caught in light. 

So keep your shallow world, 

I’ll search and wait for these,

Rare expensive things. 





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