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An art installation in Bordeaux. 

This art installation, named Le miroir de l’eau, placed across from Place de la Bourse and designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud is composed of about 2 cm of water which alternates in depth and rhythm, creating beautiful reflections of the heavens, the architecture and the children whom run around as if they are walking on clouds. I’m pretty sure the pictures on my Leica are muchhhh better… when I get home. 

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Places: Mosteiro de Alcobaca 

Mosteiro de Alcobaca is a world Heritage Unesco site, and it is a an architectural wonder filled with a mystical feeling that is exuded from every carved detail on stone. It holds the tombs of D.Pedro and D. Ines de Castro, ( the greatest love story ever) which I explained here. Whenever I am around the area I always go back to feel this unique wonder. Here are some pictures. 

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The Symbolism of the Colourful Tiles: Morroccan Architecture

Moroccan architecture is known for their vivid and colourful design. But what do they mean?  After some research I found that:  The Blue represents Sky, Heaven, Water and Protection; The White represents cleanness, good luck, beauty and femininity. Red is female, sexuality, fertility, childbirth and also relates to a happy marriage. Green relates with the Muslim interpretation of heaven  (a green oasis), and lastly Yellow relates to gold, wealth, sun and protection. The colour symbolism of each is not very different from our own colour symbolisms. However, when we observe these colourful and beautiful tiles, combining these colours in unique ways, it is important to remember what they mean and the complex message that they really convey.






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A contemplation place: Fundação Champalimaud, Lisbon


Fundação Champalimaud, which is a Scientific Research Centre doing amazing research, is also a fantastic place to walk around and contemplate. The architecture creates a sort of contemplation moment, in between two large tall concrete pillars that seem to one up a gate into another dimension (a gate into paradise?).   I love coming here, specially at sunset. The colours and the river become so beautiful.  Here are a few pictures  that, to say the truth, to the experience very little justice.













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Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, by Siza Vieira: Porto


Another architectural wonder by Siza Vieira, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, is a gorgeous little gem which is in perfect sync with the landscape around it. It is not only beautifully integrated into the sharp rocks and to the endless horizon, but also into the stillness and peace of the setting. Here are some pictures.