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As beauty and magic… 

We leave fragments of our souls everywhere we go. In the people we meet along the way, in the smiles we scatter like fairy dust and in the cobbled stones we lightly tread. Those fragments are Imprinted forever in the hands of time; they are carved like marble in the dissolute fabrics of space, they are pressed like diamonds in the spirits of those who ventured to feel and there they live long after we are gone. Just as we carry those places and hearts with us, as memories and dreams, so too, they still carry us. We keep it all alive, as beauty and magic, pulsating within our veins.


More than enough. 

Maybe life is always a series of maybes… maybe there are no great timings at all. Maybe we make our own timings and we just have to trust that everything will be ok. That our hearts are stronger, that our souls are wiser, and that our minds will be silenced enough for us to really live. And maybe just maybe, that is more than enough.

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Choosing Fearlessness.

There is so much strength in vulnerability, so much magic in spontaneous laughter and so much beauty in surrender. There is a dignified nobility in an open heart, an endless courage in just letting feelings take over, a boundless bravery in connecting deeply and there is a real humanity in just giving… freely. Everything else is just a form of fear… masked by layers of control and covered by reasonings and certitudes. (How true that quote really is: ” the opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. “). I don’t know about you, but I choose fearlessness. Always.

Existe tanta força na vulnerabilidade, imensa magia em gargalhadas espontâneas e uma abundância de beleza na abertura do ser. Num coração aberto predomina uma dignidade nobre, no deixar fluir de sentimentos e emoções uma infinita coragem, uma bravura ilimitada em criar ligações profundas e uma verdadeira humanidade em apenas dar… livremente.  Todo o resto é apenas uma forma de medo… disfarçado em camadas de controlo e  coberto por racionalidades e certezas. (Quão verdadeira é aquela citação: ” o oposto do amor não é o ódio, é o medo.”).  Não sei no que respeita a ti, mas eu escolho  a audácia… eu escolho deixar o medo num canto e ser destemida! Sempre!

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Growing fearless… 

We grow fearless by walking into our fears, not running from them. If we hide, if we stand still, if we ignore them… that’s not growth at all. To grow fearless we need to face them, wholeheartedly. We need to do exactly what it is that scares us, and makes us emotionally frozen. We need to just do it! Completely and utterly. It might take long to develop the courage… it might take a day or decade, but when we finally have it, the strength and the determination so that nothing stands in our way…. then and only then do we just do it and we finally jump into the unknown! 

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The Hamsa: Symbolism

The Hamsa, is a symbol found throughout the Middle East and northern Africa. I found it everywhere in marrakech: adorning doors, defining jewellery accessories, decorating all of the stalls at the souks (the marrocan markets) and in the traditional art of the Berbers. I bought one in silver, hand crafted by the local artisans, and now that I am home, I was curious as to the origin of its symbolism.

I have found that the first known use of the symbol can be traced to the Phoenician (1550 – 330 BCE), and it was then adopted by the ancient Sephardic Jewish community of the Iberian Peninsular. In this way, the Hamsa became associated both to the Jewish community and to the Islamic one. In the Jewish community it is called the Hamsa Hand or the Hand of Miriam (Miriam was the sister of Moses and the legend has it that it was due to Miriam’s virtues that the Israelites always found water during the forty years they wondered through the desert on their way towards the Promised land.). Where as in Muslim communities it is called the Hand of Fatima or the Khamsa (after Fatima Zahra, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad).

In both religions it is an amulet shaped like a hand (with three extended fingers and a curved  thumb or pinky finger on either side) that holds the same symbolism: a protection against the ‘evil eye’ (jealousy or malice), bringing its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. The evil eye was also considered to be one of the oldest manifestations of human fear. The holder of the Hamsa, thus, expects to be protected from all negative energies. Because it is a symbol of such good fortune, it can also symbolise the Hand of God. In general, in our modern world, the Hamsa has become a symbol of hope and peace.

My modern day Hamsa