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Restaurant: Le Tanjia, Marrakech, Morocco.

On one of the nights, I had dinner at this restaurant called Le Tanjia. It’s right in the centre of the medina, just a few alleys away from the main square. The food was good, but what I really loved was the setting, the architecture and the view. Here are a few pictures.

























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Places: Alambique restaurant, at Savoy Sacharum Hotel, Madeira 

Last night I went to have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel I am staying at. A post about the hotel soon, but for now, here are some pictures of the dinner setting. I really liked it, and although the vegetarian options weren’t that different ( tagliatelle with ricotta and a mushroom risotto) I do recommend it. The view is gorgeous… and there is a stillness of the ocean that comes right into the space. 

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Places: Sushic at Palácio do Chiado

Last night I went for sushi at this beautifully restored palace with crystal chandeliers, exquisite details and frescoes on the walls. The palace now has bars and various small restautants that function as a sort of self service market, with multiple tables scattered various rooms. But the sushi restaurant, on the top floor is independent. Here are some pictures of this gorgeous place. 

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Places: Hanaya Sushi, Lisbon, last night.

Last night we went to a place right next to home that has some really good sushi. It’s called Hanaya, and we have become quite regulars… specially during the week. It’s a nice atmosphere, careful interior design, and the food is really good. They Also have vegetarian options, such as vegetable noodles which is always welcome. Completely forgot to take some pictures of the food ( ups ) so below are some picture I found online. 

Pictures found online: 

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Tea time: at Darwin’s, Lisbon


A restaurant and a tea house, Darwin’s is a lovely space for lounging or enjoying good food. But what I most love about it is the atmosphere itself and the view. The space is filled with beautiful details about Darwin’s discoveries, thoughts and overall life: butterflies scattered around, walls full of books, quotations written on the walls, sculptures of animals, fish in brilliant colours and textured woods. To top it off, there is a huge glass panelled wall that opens up towards the river. So if you are there for a late tea time, you get to sea the sunset fall.

Inspired by the restaurant, here is a quote by Darwin which is just as actual and true today:

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.











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Restaurant: Book, Porto 

On Friday night, we went to have dinner at this restaurant called Book, in Porto. Not only did I like the food, which had two vegetarian options, but, mostly, I  loved the concept, the atmosphere and the poetic details that the space echoed in everything. Books are scattered throughout the whole room, which makes it look like an old library. Right beside me there was a book on Ines de Castro, which, very happily, got me reading instead of eating…  Here are some pictures.