Isn’t like really all about what is unseen?


Words: Maybe it’s all exactly the same thing. 

‘’ Some people come, some people go. Some come to teach you how to love, others to teach you how to let go… Some things burn to ashes, before they have even begun, others are built, day by day, slowly and patiently. It’s beautiful… this ever revolving push and pull of life, isn’t it? This not knowing, which is which? Maybe the destruction is a construction… and the things we think we are building, slowly, are the ones that are burning after all. Maybe it’s all exactly the same thing.  ‘’ 

  • From my notes.

The growth of consciousness.. we are our souls. 

We are not only  intellectual beings, whose lives are dictated by mind and reason. Kant was wrong. He was so wrong: pure judgment does not describe us or define us. We are emotional bodies, filled with beating hearts, full of emotions and wonder. We are souls, living in these temporary vessels we call bodies. To grow is not to develop reason, but to engage in the growth of our own consciousness. Only in that way, do we become closer to our hearts and to our souls. Only in that way, do we begin to wander back home. 

Choosing the heart and the soul.

It might be naive to believe in kindness, it might be foolish to believe in a better world, and it sure as hell might be incredibly stupid to believe that some words can actually make a difference… but if we don’t believe… if we don’t hold in our hearts an innocence which does not let the mind contaminate, what are we left with?
 We are left only with the thought patterns which define this lost world of ours…. we are left only with a bitter perspective of a so called reality we never subscribed to. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I’ll keep my innocent and naive heart. I’ll cherish my kind soul. I’ll continue to believe that there is a destined treasure just waiting to occur for all of us , and that  humans are not defined by their wrongdoings but by the inner spark which sometimes never even got lit. I’ll continue to believe in what my heart and soul tell me to be true…. 

What the Desert people know… 

For the people of the desert, all life, even a single drop of water, is considered to be a great blessing from The divine! They do not take things for granted, they do not stretch a hand to grab an apple from a tree, and for the nomads, not even their own life is taken as a certitude. They enjoy every moment, every small gestures from even a stranger, and they are profoundly grateful for being alive….. life is hard in the desert, maybe because of it,  it’s people hold the gentlest of hearts. They know something that has long been forgotten by all of us, Westerners… they know that everything is interconnected, that we are all one, and that all of life is a profound gift which needs to be cherished in every single instance. 

Can we all just be better? 

If life could be forever one single instance, maybe then, the world would understand that we are all ONE. Division, separation, segregation, cruelty, mis-communication, judgement, intolerance, emprisionment… it’s all the opposite of what being human is really supposed to mean. Can we all just be better? 
– yesterday I was trying to apologize to this beautiful camel on behalf of humanity….