A poem: Incompletions


So many words for you that were never told, 

Countless feelings that never got to be lived, 

I just hope that the side of you I saw, wins the war, 

Between reality and magic, that we all seem to fight,

I really do hope, my darling, that the innocence I saw, 

Burns your darkness and past trials into ashes 

And leaves only what is good, what is true and worthy,

I really do pray, my dear, that the beauty I witnessed, 

Shoves the shadows and doubts way deep into oblivion, 

And leaves only that shining heart that I got to see. 

So many one days that never get to be experienced, 

Sometimes life has other plans, and what is destined, 

Will always become what it has to be, unravelling softly,

As long as we strive for the perfection we know we deserve, 

All is well, the incompletions mean nothing at all, 

They live perfectly endlessly in a bubble of un-lived life. 

Just be that free soul that I got to witness, incompletely….  




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