Wandering: At the market, Madeira, Portugal


Wandering: The Golden Desert, a place for silence, awe and spirituality. 

“In the desert a fountain is springing,

In the wide waste there still is a tree,

And a bird in the solitude singing,

Which  speaks to my spirit of thee.” 

LORD BYRON, Stanzas to Augusta

” The desert is the theater of the human struggle of searching for God.”

JAN MAJERNIK, The Synoptics

” The desert is a place of passage, of wandering, or even of exile where love is accompanied by the anguish rooted in our ultimate incompleteness, which, however, reveals our true nature. The difference of the other shows us the gap in our vision of ourselves, the world, and God. This kind of self-knowledge is never easy to accept, but it leads us from slavery to freedom.” 

FABRICE BLÉE, The Third Desert