Wandering: Dubai Mall at night. 


Travel: Etihad Tours, Abu Dhabi 

Right next to our hotel are the Etihad tours. The project from the outside is breathtaking, but it’s even more astounding as one wanders through its interiors. On the ground floors is a shopping mall with shops ranging from a Lamborghini stand to Cartier, that Malé my eyes glitter with deight. Upstairs is a beautiful lobby with these huge crystal chandeliers, scattered couches, small bonsais, large glass panels to the city and the smell of a thousand spices. Because of the holidays, Eik days, the top restaurants and bars were all closed. For another day, for sure. 

An art installation in Bordeaux. 

This art installation, named Le miroir de l’eau, placed across from Place de la Bourse and designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud is composed of about 2 cm of water which alternates in depth and rhythm, creating beautiful reflections of the heavens, the architecture and the children whom run around as if they are walking on clouds. I’m pretty sure the pictures on my Leica are muchhhh better… when I get home. 

Richard Serra at the Guggenheim Bilbao

Yesterday I was at the Guggenheim Bilbao experiencing Richard Serra’s Exhibition The matter of Time. The forms are strong and imposing,  allowing us to feel and experience space in a new way. What was unexpected, to me, is the way the forms are delicate and subtil, despite their rough appearance. 

Serra discovered what is now known as his sculptural language, when, one day, he got annoyed with his own creations ( which at the time consisted mainly of abstract paintings) and threw them all away, burning them to ashes by a river. It was his way of setting himself free (free from pre-conceptions, judgments, expectations and many other conditions). From then on he began to ‘play’ with forms in space. 

 ” I think if you want to make art, at some point you have to suspend judgment, and you have to involve yourself with play and not worry about the outcome.” Richard Serra 

Below are some pictures.