Food: a little bit of Lisbon in Abu Dhabi

Tucked in between the other shops and restaurants is a little bit of Lisbon. With Delta expressos and the infamous ” pastéis de nata” always available along with many other traditional dishes on the menu. Lovely little random discovery. It’s located in the World Trade Center Shopping mall. 


Restaurant: Boa Bao, Chiado Lisbon

A couple of weekends ago I went to this restaurant in Chiado, and forgot to post some imagem here. It is an Asian restaurante, but what I really adored was the references of traveling which filled the whole experience: for example the menu is a little passport. Here are some pictures.


Places: Street book fair in Chiado 

Wandering in Chiado today… there was this adorable book fair. What is it about old books? I have this thing for them… they act as a sort of magnet!  It’s like they have a million stories… they have belonged to people, to homes, they have been part of people’s lives. We feel it as we touch their pages, how much they have lived. If I could I would have bought them all. 

Places: Sushic at Palácio do Chiado

Last night I went for sushi at this beautifully restored palace with crystal chandeliers, exquisite details and frescoes on the walls. The palace now has bars and various small restautants that function as a sort of self service market, with multiple tables scattered various rooms. But the sushi restaurant, on the top floor is independent. Here are some pictures of this gorgeous place. 

Places: Hanaya Sushi, Lisbon, last night.

Last night we went to a place right next to home that has some really good sushi. It’s called Hanaya, and we have become quite regulars… specially during the week. It’s a nice atmosphere, careful interior design, and the food is really good. They Also have vegetarian options, such as vegetable noodles which is always welcome. Completely forgot to take some pictures of the food ( ups ) so below are some picture I found online. 

Pictures found online: