No matter how many instruments man invents across the ages, to measure, define or organize time, the world will never be defined by time or by time’s keepers for that matter. Instead it will always be ruled by all of the things that exist outside of it… immeasurable substances, that do not follow earthly rules, or respond to “dimensional” dictums, but rather to the other invisible systems that co-exist with this material world. These things live, not in clocks and broken logics…. but somewhere both far and close… both in the heart and in the vastness of the universe….giving life to our cells, granting sparkles to the stars and always making sure that what survives of this life is not the bones or ashes, but the fluttering essence of all that is worth saving……. love.


Museum: Native History, Abu Dhabi 

A couple of days ago I went to see the historical native museum of Abu Dhabi. It shows how the locals lived and created before the economical boom of the country started about 30 years ago. They sheltered and gathered around tents, and produced with wood, metals, terracota and fabrics. Here are some pictures.