Cocktail Hour: Catch Bar and Restaurant, Abu Dhabi 


Food: a little bit of Lisbon in Abu Dhabi

Tucked in between the other shops and restaurants is a little bit of Lisbon. With Delta expressos and the infamous ” pastéis de nata” always available along with many other traditional dishes on the menu. Lovely little random discovery. It’s located in the World Trade Center Shopping mall. 

Restaurant: Le Tanjia, Marrakech, Morocco.

On one of the nights, I had dinner at this restaurant called Le Tanjia. It’s right in the centre of the medina, just a few alleys away from the main square. The food was good, but what I really loved was the setting, the architecture and the view. Here are a few pictures.

























Places: Alambique restaurant, at Savoy Sacharum Hotel, Madeira 

Last night I went to have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel I am staying at. A post about the hotel soon, but for now, here are some pictures of the dinner setting. I really liked it, and although the vegetarian options weren’t that different ( tagliatelle with ricotta and a mushroom risotto) I do recommend it. The view is gorgeous… and there is a stillness of the ocean that comes right into the space.