Restaurant: Boa Bao, Chiado Lisbon

A couple of weekends ago I went to this restaurant in Chiado, and forgot to post some imagem here. It is an Asian restaurante, but what I really adored was the references of traveling which filled the whole experience: for example the menu is a little passport. Here are some pictures.



5 thoughts on “Restaurant: Boa Bao, Chiado Lisbon”

    1. Hello. Thank you. Yes… I post some on Instagram too. My name there is the same. Xxxx

  1. Dear Sarah, thank you for posting some comments and pictures of our restaurant. I would, however, kindly ask you if it is possible to change the name as ours is BOA BAO and not BaoBao. Diogo de Siqueira Director Boa Bao

    1. Hello Diogo. Of course. I am glad you pointed that out…. I hadn’t noticed. Sorry for the mistake. Kind regards, Sarah

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