The Berber Museum at the Jardin Majorelle: Jewel Wonder

The Berber museum is housed in the building that used to be Jacque Majorelle art studio, (adjacent to the Jardin Majorelle) and presents Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent’s personal collection of the Berber’s culture to the public.  Pierre Bergé specially was fascinated with the Berber’s culture and art, and over the years, he collected their art in his travels throughout the different countries where they can be found.  The exhibition itself was organised in three parts: the know-how (bowls and other ordinary objects), the art (specially the jewellry) and the clothing. They were true craftsmen, and they created everything they needed with an intricacy and delicacy that still astounds today.  What profoundly amazed me were the jewel collection, which were truly ostentatious and exuberant. All made of silver, using chiselling,  filigree and many other techniques with stones and small gems. They were an expression of the social status of the woman who wore them… one can imagine the strength and the nobility it granted them. Truly magnificent.  I was forbidden to take pictures, so the cover photo is all I managed to get. (Ahaha). However, I found some pictures online of the jewels…

‘’ The Berbers, are among the original peoples of North Africa. Their myths, legends and history span 9,000 years, and can be traced to the Proto-Mediterraneans. They have achieved unity by maintaining their unique language and culture which are, like their land, both African and Mediterranean.’’ Source

Museum space with the jewels. 


A picture I found in a restaurant of a Berber woman with her jewels. 

The Berbers Jewels.

Image Source.


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