A poem: In this moment.

Between then and now, 

In that place where it all just is, 

Colliding into one single moment, 

The past, the future and this today, 

One second contains it all. 

Frozen in that no-land, 

Hearts shaking, butterflies fluttering, 

Inside an ever flowing ecstasy, 

That’s where I find you. 

Waiting for me, calling on me, 

We live there, in that aleph, 

In these alchemical mutations, 

These ever expanding worlds, 

Where all that has been still is, 

Echoing through the ages, 

Singing through these portals of time, 

Smiling I speak to the moon, 

Dancing, in this glow that is only ours, 

I become all that is meant, 

To always and forever be. 


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