The artworks in the picture above read: non-place and place…. it got me thinking. Our logic should know, that by opposition, non-places exist as much as places do. Everything is in perfect balance, and everything has its opposing force: light and darkness, peace and rebellion, ecstasy and numbness…. so too… one should accept that non-places are just as real as places themselves.  Marc Auge defined non-places as spaces formed in relation to specific ends (such as spaces where transport, transit or leisure occur). But I think even if it is so, it misses the point altogether. Non-places are soooo much more that the remains of space itself. I believe that they are places that our bodies can live in, that do not exist in this time or place at all. They are the exact opposite of our bodies in a place: they are intangible and non physical… and instead of living there with our bodies ( as we do in places) we live in them with exclusively with our souls. It’s sort of like if places were darkness, then non-places would be light. Hummm……. its just a thought! 

What about you?? Any thoughts on the matter?? 


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