The soul. 

Because I have been thinking so much about the soul… here are some quotes and ideas that I found really significant. 
1. The soul has to be grown and developed. 

” The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.” Daniel Defoe

2. It is deeply connected to truth. 

” Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”  Walt Whitman

3. It is moved by beauty… and love. 

” Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” Edgar Allan Poe

4. it demands to be heard, even when we don’t want to her what it has to say. 

” Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.” Anne Sexton

5. It has to be kept and protected.. whatever it takes. 

” To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That’s what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul – would you understand why that’s much harder?” Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

6. It is the soul that knows everything.. understanding both the past, the future and the present moment in ways that our minds never will. 

” Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.” John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

For now that’s it…. but this is just the beginning. 

To be continued. 


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