We are creators.

We are creators! To be a creator is to create: endless and countless things, either every single day or once in a while it is to belong to the world that creates. To be a creator can be to create beauty, to create style, to create words, emotions, to create anything and everything that comes into mind; to create worlds of imagination, or frames of reason; to create an idea, thought, solution or a new style of being; to create any form of self-expression, of self-understanding or to just create anything ‘useful’ for the world. You see, the secret of the secrets is that… everyday we create. Wether we see it or not… wether we understand it or not… we are creator’s of this world we live in: at every level of it’s existence.   We create moods, emotions, thoughts and ideas. We create moments, memories and dreams. We create everything…. at every moment of every day we are creating: we even create ourselves, from the very most little detail of the rings we wear, to the most complex thoughts, to the deepest emotions of awe or surrender we allow ourselves to feel when we contemplate the world around us.  At our very essence, as human beings… we are these unique creators. We are creator’s of harmony, of peace, of health, of feelings, of happiness, of dreams… We create either chaos or light, either moments that last forever or we create moments that drift into oblivion.

Picture above is a detail from a Paula Rego painting. 


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