We are one: water and air.

Sometimes it feels like we are one with the water, sometimes it feels like we are closer to the air… it is easy to forget that we have both, that we are both water and air, in our substance and in our veins. As I think about this, I am reminded of these images that I simply adore by Hiroshi Sugimoto, (whose artwork is the image above, from the series Seascapes). He captures this endlessness and timelessness associated to both these conditions ever so beautifully. These primordial essences, remind us that we are ONE. We are always ONE, with nature and with ourselves.

About his beautiful series of Seascapes, Sugimoto writes:

Water and air. So very commonplace are these substances, they hardly attract  attention―and yet they vouchsafe our very existence. (…) The beginnings of life are shrouded in myth: Let there water and air. (…) Mystery of mysteries, water and air are right there before us in the sea.

Sugimoto’s Art here.  Image source here. 




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