Thats the thing with love…


‘’ Thats the thing with love… When it shows up at your doorstep you have to be all in. There are no in betweens. There can’t ever be any lingerings, doubts  or half devotions,  other wise the flame that was just beginning to emerge quivers and dies before it has even begun. ‘’

‘’ O amor é assim… Quando bate á  porta tens que te entregar totalmente.  Não existem meios termos. Não podem haver  lentidões prolongadas, dúvidas ou meias devoções, senão a chama que começava a emergir treme e morre antes de verdadeiramente começar.  ‘’

Extract from a soon to be  novel.


4 thoughts on “Thats the thing with love…”

  1. So true! You can’t do love half-way. It’s a gut feeling you get when you’re either the one with one foot in or your partner is. You just know. So, yeah it’s all or nothing. Happy heart day! 🙂

    1. Exactly what I was trying to describe… 😊 all of nothing !!! Thank you… to you too!!! Wonderful love day!

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