Reality? Not for me.


” Reality??? You live there? What’s it like? Tell me everything…. ” 

” You don’t know it? ”

” Not… not at all. It’s not for me. Once I saw a bit of it, and I didn’t like it, so I left… But tell me, please do tell. I am ever so curious. ”

” But where do you live? Where are you from? ”

” Ohh… well… ” She paused and had a little think. ” I live in that place that doesn’t belong to anywhere. It’s that space between life and the dream, between living and the ever after. That’s where I live. Somewhere between thoughts and love, between heaven and earth, between Alice’s beautiful wonderland and the vastest universe of science and metaphysics… ” She smiled and laughed, as he listened. ” That’s why we are here… we are meeting in our dreams. Between your place and mine. ”




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