A poem: Legacies to keep

There are marks in my heart from all the loves that I have lived, 

There are wounds in my spirit from all the demons that I have felt, 

There are scars in my body from all the fights I have battled, 

In open meadows of glory, in shying places where there is no sun, 

In me, there are a million stories that I will never remember, 

But I feel them, fluttering in my insides like a moth in the night, 

Making me never forget, that this world of ashes is nothing at all, 

It is but a fragment of an infinite shadow of what really is… 


So it has been, so it will be… countless legacies to always keep. 


This life will not defeat me, it will not cage me, or deny me, 

It will not imprison me or neglect me, I am a forever phoenix, 

There are countless ecstasies in my flying dancing soul, 

From all the lives that I have laughed, cried and conquered 

From all the love that I have grown that is forever my own, 

All this freedom in my veins, left behind, is the fire of my wings, 

So watch me, dear, I am a goddess shedding dirty old rags,

I am the strength of a lioness, I am the beauty of a diamond, 

I am the queen of my fate, I am a blood line destined to become… 




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