A poem: Two souls

Their eyes meet in between the stars, 

their hands lay, together, at last,

softly, in the sky, they sway to their song, 

She holds her dreams in her tiger eyes, 

He gathers his emotions in his soul, 

Broken and twisted no more, 

No wasted hours of contempt, 

No frightening doubts to contain, 

They kiss for the very first time. 

She is a damsel in distress, 

He is a knight without his armour, 

But together, they are no longer, 

The traces of their incomplete selfs,

They hold each other, forgetting about time, 

They feel the worlds they have always known, 

Singing by the moon, there, they become. 

Ah…. but when they wake in the world, 

When morning comes, always too soon,

They remember nothing at all, 

And all that remains is a deep longing, 

That neither can ever quite explain,

Burning in their souls, endlessly reminding them, 

Of what the real life of love really does mean. 


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