The moth: compelled by the light

As I was walking home from a dinner, a little moth flies right in front of my very eyes. Strangely… yes! It was too fast to really see it’s details, but it wasn’t a very small moth at all. So I got home and started researching more about moths. Although I was always fascinated with flying creatures ( butterflies and dragonflies) I didn’t know much about moths at all.

This is what I found out: firstly that there are approximately 160.000 species of moths. They belong to the same family as the butterfly, however, where as the butterfly lives in the day, the moth flies in the night. Like the butterfly, they too are formed from caterpillars that magically transform into cocoons from which they emerge as fully grown beings with wings. Moths are compelled by the light: they are attracted to the moon (the reason is unknown), and thus, also frequently appear to circle artificial lights.  They are usually masters of disguise, camouflaging into their surroundings beautifully and imperceptibly. Their only purpose of life, science says, is to pollinate and lay eggs, which they do for about a week, after which they die. Fact: A male moth can smell a female more than 7 miles ( 11 kilometres) away ( uau, for such a tiny creature, beyond impressive). Because they are always flying towards the light moths are the ultimate symbol of hope, faith and determination. Because they are related to the moon, they are also connected to intuition, insight and psychic awareness. Like the butterfly, they also represent transformation. But where as the butterfly represents happiness and bliss (day), the moth is the magic of the night, mysterious, intuitive and seductive.

I cant help but wonder… Aren’t we all little moths chasing the light in the midst of the darkness?? Compelled by our intuition and by the mysterious feelings that guide the way?? Tonight, I sure feel like one……


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