A poem: A boy I met in heaven

I will tell you a story about a boy I once met in the sky, 

He had a heart of gold, and hair as black as the night, 

His hands were marked with deep cuts and his chest was open, 

But he had the bluntest blue eyes and the softest touch, 

He smiled and we spoke of heaven where we both belonged,

But his feet were tied in these infinitely long invisible chains, 

I could hear his heart whispering between his words and laughs, 

That it was the price he had payed for his own idea of freedom, 

So the boy cried these silent broken tears that only I could see, 

Of how he had lost his innocence and his ability to love, 

Masked by words of infinite travels around lost galaxies, 

And conquerings throughout the dark and infinite universe, 

Still, I could see his pain and the loneliness that he refused to share, 

It is true… the boy in heaven had these beautiful silver wings, 

And yet, he was a captured Prince, enslaved by his own choices. 

We parted and said the saddest goodbyes the stars had ever seen, 

He went his way and I mine, as if the moment had never been at all. 

But as I drift and fly in between these stars in these darkened skies, 

I remember the boy who also belonged to these infinite worlds, 

I wonder if we will ever meet again, in another star or galaxy, 

By chance, by fate, controlled and led by the secrets of the moon,

I wonder if when we do, if he will be free of all his heavy chains, 

And if he will be the man and the King he is destined to be. 

As I fly, I wonder… about this boy, who I once met in the sky. 




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