Book: The White Princes

I am absolutely looooving this book. It is about the war of the roses, between the House of York and the Tudors. Narrated through the eyes of the Princess Elizabeth, who becomes Queen when she has to marry her family’s enemy Henry, (whom defeated her lost love in Battle and was the rightful King to the throne). It’s a story of honor, integrity, duty, devotion, but also, about the unwavering strength woman carry within them. It is a sequel to another couple of books (one of which is about Elizabeth’s mother) all of which I plan to read.. Here are a few quotes I loved: 

” They are girls to whom things happen, and they take it hard. But I bear myself as more than a silly girl. I am the daughter of a water goddess. I am a woman with water in her veins and power in her breeding. I am a woman who makes things happen, and I am not defeated yet. I am not defeated by a boy with a newly won crown, and no man will ever walk away from me certain that he won’t walk back.” 

” There was a magic: and the name of it was love.”

” Fortune’s wheel takes you very high and then throws you very low, and there is nothing you can do but face the turn of it with courage.” 

” Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose. The main thing is that we always, we always go on.” 

” You just decide. Just decide that you are not going to be a fearful woman and when you come to something that makes you apprehensive, you face it and walk towards it. Remember – anything you fear, you walk slowly and steadily towards it. And smile.” 


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