Nothing ever really fades.


Everything passes…. everything changes… but really and truly, nothing ever fades away…. things linger inside of us. Always. We carry all of the people we love and even the ones we have forgotten deep inside of us, in places we don’t usually visit, but they are there. Nothing we ever experience will ever go away… it belongs to us and inside of us it stays. Shaping us, transforming us, allowing us to shift into what we are supposed to be. So when we choose how to act, what to do or how to be, we have to choose ever so wisely and yet ever so freely, because these decisions are not random and meaningless at all. They lead us to the things that change us, that allow us to grow, that expand us and make us trail new paths. Ultimately, whatever we do and experience  becomes part of us, living deep within the fabrics of our own muscles and bones, in between the drawers of love that forever linger. It is true that everything passes and everything changes, but really, nothing ever really fades away.


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