A painting: A fire between two souls. 

I fell in love with this small painting at Miro’s exhibition a few days ago. So simple and so beautiful: a fire growing between two souls. When it was painted Miro was living in Paris, in poverty and starving ( he could only afford to have about a meal a week). Despite his conditions, he found a way to stay connected to his heart, And to the beauty, innocence and magic of the world. Sparring his paints to the minimum, and using the roughness of plywood to represent the decaying world around him, he tells a story of hope, of what it means to be connected and how love really does stand above it all. The two floating forms above their heads, one can imagine, represent intangible formless essences that populate the world of spirit. The two souls are not alone… I think they could be Light and Faith? What about you, what do you think? Isn’t it ever so beautiful? 


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