Choosing love. 

I woke up with this in mind, and although it is obvious and I always choose my dreams and I am trying to always choose love, I guess I needed to hear it once more. 
It’s easier to stay in our own boxes of addiction, it’s much more comfortable to linger in our own mattresses of submission, tied to corners of rendition and bound to loose frail hopes that will only lead to oblivion… of course it is much more sweet and mellow to call it quits and just give up on trying to achieve more, or on daring to dream new flights of fancy that might never become. But that land of comfort and neglect is an in between of life and death and it doesn’t make us anything worth keeping. It turns us into stones and ashes, bones and hopeless beings tied to a normality that doesn’t ever fade. The contrary, to dare to be big is, indeed, to dare to live. To chase, to dream, to feel, to love… to fail and to conquer . That’s what living is. And that’s what we have to strive for every single day. Because if we choose safety, we might as well already be dead. We have to unrest our spirits, soothe our souls in unchartered realms and take flights into the worlds that we dare to dream of, into the love that we already feel deep I nside our veins. Isn’t it all there, in the open wind, just waiting to be explored and felt? 

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