Coincidences and Chances


‘’ All those coincidences and chances… It’s all our fates anyway. Don’t you get it? We just can’t see the big picture, so it seems like it’s fragmented, out of context and completely random. But it is not. And if somehow, as if by magic, we could see it all… if for just a second we could really look at it, like we look at works of art, then we wouldn’t really think that two purple brushstroke (even if in opposites sides of the work) were coincidences at all. They are not there due to chance, and they certainly are not random. That’s how it is with coincidences…. we just can’t see the big picture. So when things happen that seem to be completely out of the blue, we need to stop and re-group. They are there for a reason, they are there for us to understand what is neglected and forgotten. It’s fate, coming in the way of our own little comforts… Maybe, if we listen or not, if we follow (or not), it’s completely up to us, but that’s not the point… The point is that if we don’t at least try to see the big picture, if we dismiss it all as if nothing at all, we can’t really make a very good decision, can we? ‘’


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