A hidden gem: Lello Library, Porto

If you love bookstores then this hidden treasure will delight you, as it does to me, every single time I am there. Covered with books from floor to ceiling, the architecture is as a whimsical and enchanting as anything our fantastic minds can conceive of. It actually feels like we are right out of a Harry Potter movie… which is not surprising since J.K. Rowling herself used it as inspiration when she was writing the first book. ( she used to live in Porto, and loved the library for obvious reasons) .  My advice is to go really early, since it can get very crowded… it was filled with people when I was there, which is why I couldn’t take any pictures that capture its essence at all! It’s not always as crowded, it just so happened that the library turned 111 years old on the day that I was there. The architectural details are exquisite, and almost seem tailored in fabric rather than wood, and th and staircases are one of the most beautiful staircases I have ever seen. One day…. maybe….. I will get to experience it without any people at all. Just me, the magic of the space and a million books! A girl can dream….


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