A fragment of eternity


” A soul, who had lived many human lives, sat in the open meadow watching the stars fall from the sky and the rainbows glow in infinite colours waiting for the sound of the air to become clear.  She was there because it was time to be re-born once again, and so, as all souls must, they wait for the sound of the wind which echoes their inner most intentions to become clear. Wether the waiting and the conversation that followed, all takes a decade or a second is unclear, for in the world of the timeless, there is no such thing as length. 

‘’ I am to become delicacy and freedom. ‘’ Echoes started to become clear. 

It took many other moments of catching stars in her hand and counting infinite colours, to understand what would follow next. 

‘’ I am to be born into a time when the world is dark, so that I can be lightness. ‘’

A pause. 

‘’ It is a melancholic existence, filled with longing for the paradise left behind, but I am to live as close to eternity as possible. ‘’ 

Another pause. 

The soul smiled. She was wise and beautiful, a combination that had taken her many lifetimes to accomplish. The hearing and whispering lasted much longer, planning and defining countless endless things of the life to come. The soul didn’t wish to experience romantic love, for she already had experienced many love stories in many other lifetimes. Her journey would be about something other… about this otherness of the self, about  self transcending its own mortality. The soul was happy. What the soul knew nothing about, was that those plans for life would never be fully complied… the beauty of life always happens, and somehow, manages to get in the way even of the most accurate of plans. You see, the wind hears not only the soul but also who the soul is to become.  

But at that moment, as if out of nowhere at all, the soul was born again, into a world of darkness, as defined, remembering nothing at all. ”



Picture above taken in June in Bali, Indonesia. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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