A poem: Let me fly you

Let me sing you to sleep, let me flame your heart, 

Let me dance with your soul, let me carry you in me, 

I’m inside your heart, my dear, like the dreams I send you, 

To make you smile, be free and understand it all,

These symmetries, these longings, these loves, 

They are mine and much as they are yours, 

This glowing emotion that sets the world on fire, 

This dazzling chaos that turns it all into bliss, 

It is sent from me, but it is as much yours as is mine, 

So my sweet darling, be this force you deeply hear, 

Be this strength that lifts you and carries you, 

Across the fields of ashes into the smiles of butterflies, 

Be within the flowers and in the bleeding light, 

Let me fly you into the endless blues of stillness, 

Let me dazzle you with what is timeless and endless, 

All is well, all is true, all is as it should be, my love. 




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