A poem: When you wake



If earth was heaven, 

If now was then,

If past was present, 

If tomorrow was today, 

If eternity was here,

If the lies were the truth, 

If the fire had been water, 

If I weren’t this me, 

And you weren’t that you. 

Then, all would be well. 

But I like this world, 

Even if earth is not heaven, 

And the you and me

That we are, burn it all

Into a terrible oblivion. 

I love this life, as is,

As this ecstatic feeling in me, 

That leads me into new worlds, 

As this deep longing, 

That takes me higher and deeper,

So when you wake, 

And I am not there, 

Do not cry, over what has been,

Just be happy for what is. 

We are connected anyway. 

All is well, my love. 









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