A poem: More, of this more


Alone in the world, in this solitude that is only mine, 

There is a voice that comes, in the glowing of the stars, 

Through the silence of the night, in the corners of the heart,

‘More, more…’ It whispers to me, persistently yet like a dream, 

‘More of that glowing suspended feeling that sets me free, 

More of that endless passionate glowing ecstasy that burns, 

More of this longing yearning that lullabies me in the wind, 

More of this intangible flame of beauty that lures me to the light, 

More, more… my darling, give me more of this fuel of life, 

Have no fear, have no questions, have no doubts, 

For I am the one that loves you and sings you to sleep, 

I am the one that never fades and never leaves you.’

Singing, shifting and shaking in all these rhythms untold,

Inside my mind, my bones, in my revolving deepest insides, 

This soft harsh call makes me leave it all behind, love and fly.





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