A poem: A universe dances


I sit here in silence, with a smile in my heart, 

There is a world in me, a universe dances in here too,

Hearing the revolving endless, breathing life into flowers, 

Smelling the sound of spring coming in with the wind, 

Dwelling in forces of riptides that bring chances of change, 

Cuddling up in my long legs as small as I am expanded,

Feeling my tiger’s eyes prowling this maddening unknown, 

Constantly becoming and bustling up inside of me, 

Like a magical world, too intangible to see, too frail to touch, 

But never too faint to feel or to vague to know for sure.  

I sit here in a song, with a tear that abides in my heart, 

It sweeps into me and through me, revolving like a dream, 

It is true, in smiles and tears, a universe dances in me too.




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