A new kind of freedom

” The feeling turned out to be something quite simple: it was a deep freedom that came flooding in, straight from the soul. It was a freedom free from mundane matters, free from the calamities of the mind, free from the needy, eager and even loving heart. It was a freedom free from all the creations and conceptions of the world, free from the power of the ego, free from the dark shadow and even free from the strength of the light. It was completely boundless and limitless… no duty and no will, no determination of life and no destiny of eternity… This kind of freedom had nothing to do with a bliss of a moment or with an everlasting love… it had absolutely nothing to show for but itself… it’s magnitude and its intensity. As she felt it, she just knew, it was probably the most beautiful experience life could ever offer.  With that strange yet somewhat familiar feeling inside of her, Kate realized she had become a wonderer, a nomad, a refugee from humanity itself, and yes, a maker or worlds to come…. And so, in that single moment, she surrendered. This would be her life. ”

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