I forget what day it is. 

I hate the colour grey. 

I love music and rhythm.

 I don’t remember the things that hurt me, that are ordinary or that are meaningless. 

I don’t tolerate frugality, disconnectivity or superficiality. 

I love dancing and the colour red. 

I hate wasting my time. 

I believe in art, poetry, love, timelessness and immortality. 

I always choose hope. 

I am impatient with stupidity. 

I think beauty hold infinite secrets. 

I am impulsive, highly demanding and very imperfect. 

I feel like I am flying, sometimes. 

I know that to expand our souls we have to dwell into infinite emotions. 

I believe in the power of dreams, the voice of fate, and our power to shape our destinies. 

I am always in love with life and the magic of the untold. 

I crave perfection and expect the extraordinary. 

In my heart there is always a deep longing…. 



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