In a never time. 

There are some moments in life that go by as if nothing at all. But then, there are those moments when the world moves slowly and we can feel everything contained within them: the delicate touch of the air, the space between our ribcages, and even the way the world revolves softly on itself. They awaken us, move us and touch places we didn’t even know we had, and even as they are occurring, we know that they will stay in us forever. That’s what it felt like, in those moments when he stared deep into my soul. It was as if the whole world had frozen still and yet, in the vastness of that stillness, so much seemed to be happening that was simply out of our conscious awareness. We could sense the multitude of life itself, in that frozen moment… captured in a never time. Where as before, I looked away, afraid of what those moments would say or what they could mean, now, at that moment, I did not… I let it consume me, take over me, dwell in me, and possess all of me, making me forget that I was there, in that single place in time, and making me understand that I was part of something much broader and greater that the sum of us two. I just let the moment flame me up from the deepest insides and fly me across the midnight air into the land of the free where we now, seemed to belong…. there was no tomorrow, no yesterday, no hopes, no sorrow and there weren’t even any more dreams, just an  infinite vastness that, I suppose, could be called LOVE.


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