A poem: Through the heavens.

Across oceans I’ll fly, 

Through tempests and turmoils, 

Into the horizon where we dwell. 

In the golden wheat fields,

Of what is to come, I’ll find 

What was long forgotten, 

In the space between you and I, 

Through the past and into the future, 

Of long mountains I’ll climb, 

These lead books of untold stories, 

These soft beats of un-lived desires, 

Into the soft storms of moonlights, 

I’ll dance, in what sparkles and shines,

Through the alleys of what already is, 

My heart will beat until midnight, 

Take all of me, I sing between velvet melodies, 

Of that voice that never surrenders, 

These decaying roses of traces of time, 

Across rivers I’ll always run, 

Until it is all, as it ever already is.




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