Flying In heaven. 

Flying always makes me feel at home. It’s in between the puffy clouds, in the soft air of the immaterial world of heaven that I feel blissfully peacefully. Isn’t it strange? That somewhere up above, so distant yet so near, can  give us such a profound sense of stillness? There, in that haven, there is nothing but the endless and the timeless. There, in between the clouds, there is absolutely nothing but the imensity of the formless…. it touches my heart and gives a profound sense of freedom… but then, always too fast to come, it’s time to come back home, to the grounds of earth.  Not without leaving some fragments of myself there… in that boundless dimension that touches the soul.




4 thoughts on “Flying In heaven. ”

  1. When you on a plane, it is the heightened anticipation of going on a journey. Or conversely the happiness associated with completing one and on the way home to the comfort of familiar surroundings.

    1. It is……. but also it’s just being immersed in that beautiful purity. For moments it doesn’t matter where we are going or what we are doing. When we look outside… into heaven, it’s all there is.

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