A poem: A never ending love



Love is this endless flame that never subsides, 

This burning yearning that never surrenders, 

This flaming longing that is always consuming. 

Love is this sweet danger, this daring infinite journey, 

This forever purity, this enchanting revolving dream, 

It is a magnet, a sweet melody, a voice in the darkness, 

An angel in the night, a butterfly caught in flight. 

The sweetest moonless teardrop, a smile in the golden fields,

It is a cleansing and a shedding, an ever shaping, 

Ever making us into who we are destined to be.  

Love… this fierce conquering that dispenses of earth, 

Pressing itself onto my soul, lingering there in my heart. 

Flaming up a million dreams, a thousand endless desires. 

Love is this wholeness that never quivers, 

This gushing certitude that never falters, 

It is a hidden treasure, a disguised passion, an endless desire,

It is a death defying substance, an ever daring immortality.

This forever restless beauty, this rushing ecstatic energy,

Never leaving, never removing, never forsaking… 

It is everything that is and all that will always be. 




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