Emotional Escapism and the free of heart


Some people just cannot deal with problems at all and all they can do is escape. Escapism, one might call it. Wounds of the past die hard indeed, but without dwelling into them accurately, one is merely replicating potential patterns and avoiding things before they have even begun. Is it foolish? Is it wise? It’s both. Where as it might be wise to avoid signals that create red flags and alerts in our brains, it is equally as foolish to spend our lives running from that which might really touch our hearts. Conflicts are a way to understand, to bring things into light… That’s all. As soon as they emerge, they can just as easily be dissolved into ashes, by simply talking and understanding. It is selfish, to shut down… it is even a little bit childish because it has nothing to do with what is actually occurring, but with the fear that something from the past might, eventually, happen again.  Deep down, the only thing that these people do is avoid the complexity that comes with emotions like they were talking about the black plague. Not because it could be good, (because it is good already, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything to escape from) but because there is a chance that along with the good, something ‘’bad’’ might also occur: fights, compromises and conflicts. It’s not a probability, it’s the truth… because it will. That’s what relationships are in the first place: a devotion, a choice to surrender to the good and to the bad, a belief that the good will far outweigh the bad, every single day. But escapism, the choice not to commit is a choice to not devote, to not be in the relationship in the first place, checking out before it has even had a chance to begin. And what’s even more incomprehensible is that they do it all in the name of a certain peace and freedom, but it is not so… The only thing they are really escaping from is themselves. It’s just a twisted illusion.  The real free of heart, however, don’t need to escape anything. They live, freely giving and taking, without bringing in the weights and scars of the past, without going into flight or fight mode at all. They are like the wind…. dancing through life, forgetting about the downfalls, because they know that whatever occurs never really shakes them away from that safe place they have inside of them. They are unmovable rocks, as giving as the sun, as sure as the bright stars, forever glowing, ever fixed, ever unchanging, ever flying through the heavens carelessly free with a love so great in front of them, nothing and no one can ever scare them away from anything… If they want to talk, they talk. If they feel the need to explain something, they do it. Their lives are not run by fear and dread, but by honesty and freedom. They are like lions and tigers, ever giving, ever protecting, not little rabbits running from foxes.

‘’ So please, my darling… can we be lions now? ‘’

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