A Poem: Glowing in silence



Into this burning light, 

I must be brave, once more,

I want to let it all go, but I cannot,

I need to move closer into myself, 

This burning flame, pouring down on me, 

I am strong, I am that endless source. 

I am raised, I am shaken, I am whole, 

You give me back all of me.

I want to come home again, 

But I am here, in this fragile skin, 

I want to be like the stars and the sun, 

Always in eternal light and bliss,

But I am bound to this mortality, 

To this space where I find myself rooted. 

I can take it all, fiercely, proudly… 

Like a cross to carry into paradise, 

You left yourself inside of me,

We are this divine, as we come into one.  

As I long, so too I endlessly love. 

Come darling, move as one with me, 

It’s the only fragment of the endless, 

Which can be lived in this broken mortal coil.

The only piece of heaven and honour, 

That belongs in this human breathe, 

It’s the only thing that makes it all ok. 







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