These inner worlds.

Sometimes our world is about what we experience out there: the travels, the landscapes, the architecture and the beautiful sunsets. But sometimes, it’s the complete opposite, and it’s not about what is going on around us at all. it’s not about where we are, what we see, or what we do. It’s merely about what is going on inside of us: the things we feel, the dreams we dare to dream, how far (or how close) we are from achieving them, the things we long for that seem so distance and yet so near, and all of the fluttering emotions that seem to dance and cry within our souls. It’s about a complex inner world that is as deep as the endless ocean and as wide as the farthest universe. And when it is, about those inner depths, there are no worlds that matter at all. One must simply dive into that lightness and darkness, (express them, feel them, create with them, dance away in the moonlight, laugh it out in the sun) and wait until all those worlds fade away so that life can regain a sense of normality, once more. But one thing is certain, when those inner worlds flood us to the very bones of our cores, one never comes out of the experience the same. They bring change, evolution, and a natural blossoming that seems to shed old skin and allows for new layers of beauty and significance  to emerge.


Picture taken in the weekend, here. 


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