A poem: This Metamorphoses



A poem: This Metamorphoses


I remove parts of myself, 

Shedding this broken skin, 

Letting go of what is loss, 

Picking rough diamonds,

Making wings of cotton,

Dismissing what has been, 

Discarding what shouldn’t be . 

Like soft old dust, 

It all just fades into nothing. 

In a little cocoon, I become. 

I am an artist of my own self.

Selecting and combining,

I am an alchemist making gold,

Fluttering and flying

I am a Phoenix, rising from the ashes,

Commanding and loving,

I am  Athena in her silver throne. 

Crying and burning, 

Laughing until it’s midnight,

Dancing through the day,

I become what has always been. 






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