What is depth? Why is it that some people have it in spades and others simply don’t even know what it is? For me depth is a condition or an emotion of the soul, just like substance and longing. People that have depth seem to have  travelled into the deepest corners of themselves and of the earth, and somehow, have made it out alive not only triumphant but laughing in bubbles of joy.  People that are deep connect emotionally and psychologically to others, they have empathy and understanding. And mostly, people that have this intangible depth have the courage to face whatever life has to offer. Maybe because they have been there, maybe because they just magically comprehend, or maybe because their souls are just made of a different type of fire… But what is this depth ? One may ask. I think it’s just a quality of those who have lived many other lifetimes before. They carry the wisdom of experience in their bones and the scars of what has been in their smiles…. my kind of people, I believe. Enough superficiality. I want and crave depth. Depth of heart, of spirit and of soul…. depth of existence, depth of significance and depth of courage to actually make a difference in this torn up world.


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