Creating as alchemy: the hurt of beauty

As artists, as writers, as creators, we have to heal and dwell in every once of our hurting hearts and every fragment of our fluttering souls. That’s what creating is all about: feeling, processing, liberating, setting all those emotions free into the cold winter air. But for things to be set free, we must first linger in them, completely surrendering to the burning flames that come from within. That’s what the creative process is all about: understanding, bringing to light, dwelling in the magnetic pulls of everything that is yet to be known and felt. We long, we crave, we give, we bleed, we love, we dream, we bleed some more and we surrender. And then, once we feel like some truth has finally been set free into the world, like some fragment of significance has finally been surrendered to the universe, just when we feel like we can rest in our own sweet happy tears, we realise how incredibly mistaken we are and we have to do it all over again. It’s a constant push and pull, an endless struggle between the inner depths of imagination and the harsh restraints of the real world, because no matter how good or bad that significance may be, the fluttering butterfly inside our ribcage whispers: ‘ It can still be better… ‘. There is nothing greater, nothing more beautiful and nothing more sacred than this endless hurt of beauty creators find themselves in. That’s why we do it. That’s why we dare to dwell in the darkness and fly in the shining heavens. It is an alchemy, a soft magic, a dazzling metamorphosis… a sacred gift of life itself.

Paula Rego Etching: Picture taken on Sunday at Casa das Histórias, Cascais.


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