A poem: Unshaken


I am an unshaken rock, 

A bird flying in the stream of light, 

The glistening starry water in the endless ocean, 

A thread of life so deep, 

A glimpse of hope so vast, 

Nothing and no one shakes me, 

Forever untouched, 

I am everything I want to be. 

I am an ever-changing heaven,

The shifting of the leafs of the forest, 

The glowing of the sparkling moon, 

What revolves in my dancing heart, 

What defines me, articulates me, 

Is but the endless love that thrives up the world, 

Forever flying, 

I am everything I knew I could be. 

I am a goddess forgotten in time, 

The trails of immortality that never quiver, 

The paths of forever that don’t ever burn, 

Born in a trapped decade,  I am always free. 

What is inside me, is only mine to fully see, 

But it belongs to the world and not to me,

Forever being,  

I am everything that will always become. 

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