As free souls …


Free souls bleed greatly, of course… but they also fly through the heavens like no other. To know the lightness of the skies, one must too, know the darkness of the ground.  But the real secret of the secrets is not that the soul needs to experience both polarities in order to gain it’s depth, but something much much greater than that. The real secret, is that they know with every fibre of their dancing beings that they are defined by neither the flights of heaven nor the pain of earth. They just know, with everything that they are, that they are outside of all it….  Just like the heavens in the sky are independent from the weather, or like  the butterfly flies completely oblivious to whatever is going on around her; so too, the free soul just knows that it is completely unshakable, unmovable and always untouched…

So why does it fly, and why does it bleed? Well… it does so to experience this life… to live in these bodies, fully… it does so in order to live within itself greatly and profoundly, because with every cut and with every flight, another layer of the true self is revealed; slowly and patiently, but revealed none the less.  And lastly, it does so, to give back a little of the love it senses abides on it’s insides. Free souls fly and bleed, yes… but they do so as a choice, because they have long ago decided to give all that they can give to make this world a better place… It does so, because it can, because it greatly loves, because it is it’s destiny, it is the reason why they live.

What is a free soul if not an infinite amount of love as wings?



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