A poem: These Words.

These words, they burn inside of me like there is no tomorrow at all… 

They shake me, awake me, and consume me, until they are out away from me, 

They make me completely bleed all that I have, deeply and hurtfully, 

They make me feel what my heart hasn’t yet begun feeling, 

They challenge me, defy me, and they conquer me, until it’s all that is left. 

They make me go into the worlds of the dazzling mystery of light, 

In the lands of the unknowable and the undefinable, 

Ohhh these damn words that just poor out from my heart and my soul, 

They burn everything into ashes before I have even begun to live it, 

Who cares, who dares and who questions, surely not I,

I let them take me wherever they desire, for they are not mine to deny, 

I let them break me, capture me and enslave me, freely and willingly

For they are a truth that beats in this endlessly revolving heart, 

So as I become them, metamorphosing into another, like a moon into the sun,

I let myself go, for it is only I who describes me and defines me …

It is I, in these glorious words, that becomes what has to be.

It is I who claims me, who unleashes me, who frees me, 

And it is I that flies with these wings that have once again become. 



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